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Well, yes, actually I did. Does that make me a Hyper-Calvinist? Not at all. Folks as I've said before, God's Word is God's Word and if something is mentioned or taught in the Bible then we have no need to fear...only to understand what is actually being taught.

Such is the case with this word "PREDESTINATION." Until I had begun studying my bible in earnest as a young Christian, I never heard the word mentioned and certainly never heard any teaching on the subject. In fact, when I asked about the word and its meaning, I was instantly labeled a Calvinist and summarily dismissed under rebuke. My teachers made no attempt to answer my simple query about this teaching...and in hindsight that seems to be because they had no clue what to tell me.

So, we shy away from nothing here at BIBLE-SMART but rather plow ahead. I have good news to all Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ! This teaching actually has nothing to do with "Justification" (cleansing of sin & guilt) and everything to do with you!


  1. That due to God's sovereignty over his creation, that he must foreordain every action, event and thought within his creation. But this is not taught in scripture and is actually not necessary to the clear definition of "sovereignty" at all. Sovereignty simply means that God is completely beholden to none. He is Lord of His creation and none can say unto him "what doest thou?" or withold his hand. Yet our Sovereign God chose to make his creatures with free will and hold them responsible for their choices.

  2. That God randomly chose individual sinners from among human history and forcibly applied the blood of Christ to them and saves them apart from any choice they themselves might effect, overriding the free will of certain individuals in order to forcibly redeem them.

  3. In the same manner of forcibly saving some, that God denies that opportunity of redemption through Jesus Christ by not saving effect choosing to leave them to an eternity of Hell fire.


  1. The Bible clearly teaches that man is a sinner and condemned...however, God has chosen to offer his Son as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind and accept those who believe on Him for Salvation.

  2. Sinful man is pursued by God, shown his sin and guilt by the light of God's word, offered the free gift of salvation, and given the opportunity and responsibility to respond to God's gracious offer.

  3. Man is held responsible for his willingness to receive or reject God's one way of Salvation through faith in His son, Jesus Christ.

WELL, THEN WHERE DOES PREDESTINATION FIT INTO THE PICTURE? Predestination, as I've already stated previously, has nothing to do with a sinner believing on Jesus and having their sins cleansed (justification). Neither does it have anything to do with God foreordaining some to Heaven and some to Hell.

Predestination, predestinated or predestinate, only occurs four times in scripture. (Ephesians 1: 5, 11 & Romans 8: 29, 30)

  1. Ephesians 1: 5 tells us that Believers, for that is who Paul is addressing vs.1, are not only "Justified" (cleansed of guilt and sin) through faith in Jesus, but now being within God's accepted group, He adopts us as children into His family! This is not Salvation, but an added extra to Salvation...something we have because we are "In Christ." God predetermined (predestinated) this extra gift to every believer! WOW!

  2. Ephesians 1: 11 tells us that not only are we adopted as children, but God also predestinated every believer in Jesus Christ to receive an the bible says, "we shall inherit all things!"

  3. Romans 8: 29 also tells us that every believer in Jesus Christ has been predestined to be "conformed to the image of His son." The word for this is "Sanctification," and means God will work in the believer's life to make them more like Jesus...transforming our daily lives into something that will glorify God in this world and lead others to saving faith in Jesus. Once again, this is not "Justification," or having our sins is something extra to the Believer in Jesus ONLY! No unbeliever is ever Sanctified, Adopted or given an Inheritance!

  4. Romans 8: 30 simply tells us that those predestinated already referred to vs.29, are also called, justified and glorified. Only Believers are predestinated to receive these extra gifts from the Father.

Concluding: we find NOT a doctrine of hopeless abandonment for part of humanity, but hope for all who are willing to respond to our Creator's gracious offer of Salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For those who do, you not only have your sins cleansed away, but adoption into the family, an inheritance in glory and a life in this world set apart unto God as he molds and shapes us into the image of his dear son.

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  1. any person in christ is predestined for heaven but any person not in christ is predestined for hell. pretty simple huh!