Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"I Never Noticed That Moments!"

I was recently introduced to some data regarding the "Blood Moon Tetrads" associated with the Lord's Feast Days, both in the past and in the years to come, that got me thinking and questioning my own interpretation of end time events. According to the astronomical data, which is startling, it had been proposed a timeline that, since it was put up on the web, would have already brought us into the 70th week of Daniel. It was also proposed that the Rapture of the church must occur following the Sixth Seal Judgment in Revelation 6. More on this later :)

However, knowing that the identity of Antichrist would not be "revealed" until the "Abomination of Desolation" spoken of by Daniel and quoted by Jesus in Mt.2415, I wondered how the present saints of God could be on the Earth when the 70th week began and not reveal Antichrist when the 7 year peace treaty with Israel was "confirmed" by him. So many believers are already looking for just such an event to happen, that you couldn't keep them from shouting, "THERE HE IS!"

So, I went back to that covenant scripture in Daniel 9:27 to investigate further and was amazed by what I found! While the verse clearly indicates the Antichrist (see Mt.24:15 to see that Jesus also claimed this), Nowhere did this covenant mention Israel as the "many" with whom it is confirmed. And this is the only scripture that this covenant between Israel and Antichrist is based upon! If the "many" is not Israel then who is it with? Of interest also is the fact that the Hebrew word for "confirmed" actually translates as "strengthens." So what we have is Antichrist strengthening a covenant with many for a period of seven years. However, Antichrist is stated in both Daniel and Revelation to have an agreement / pact / covenant with the 10 kings. Could these be the "many" referred to? Certainly it is plausible. Another assumption, besides the covenant being with Israel, is that Antichrist breaks his agreement in the middle of the 7 years by causing the daily sacrifice and oblation of the Jews to cease. However, if this covenant was not with Israel, then he has nothing to break and the Abomination of Desolation would only be coincidental to the 7 years, yet would also lay down a time to expect it as Jesus clearly says believers should in Mt.24:15... Curious that Jesus does tell his Believers to watch for that sign, but not for a treaty with Israel that would then identify the Antichrist.

The point is this: that if Believers were not leaving until after the Sixth Seal is Loosed and Antichrist is revealed by the Abomination of Desolation (see Mt.24:15,30 and 2Thess2:1-5) then we wouldn't see any 7 year peace treaty between Israel and Antichrist to signal the beginning of the 70th week. No one would know they were in that period until the Abomination of Desolation actually took place Mt24:15!!

To Read About More "I Never Noticed That Moments," stay tuned :)