Monday, February 16, 2009


WHY DON'T WE SEE BIBLE BELIEVERS EVANGELIZING THE LOST?! When's the last time you heard someone complain about those pesky baptists (or any other bible believers) always coming around, knocking on their doors trying to invite them to come to church or be born again into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ?

It is a sad testimony to our laziness as believers that about the only times we visit people in the communities around our churches is for vacation bible school kickoffs, or as Pastors, to visit a "prospect," - someone who happened to wander through the doors of our church one Sunday.

The fact of the matter is that in today's culture, it's perfectly alright to be someone who never goes to church, someone who doesn't even believe in there's not much incentive for lost people to simply wander into church. WE HAVE TO GO OUT TO THEM!! But we don't...

  1. In the bible, the disciples of the Lord went from house to house with the gospel message...but we don't

  2. The cults are going with a false gospel of works...yet we have the truth and never say a word.

  3. Cult members are evangelizing the unsaved because they believe this will earn them a way into heaven...WE believers should be evangelizing the unsaved because we are going to heaven and want others to go their as well!

Okay Preacher, I'm what do I do? First of all be willing to put a little rubber to the road and go into the highways and bi-ways to reach out to the lost...remember they have no natural desire to go into a church now-a-days. Used to, people were expected to be God-fearing and go to church just as a way of being upright...not anymore. Lost people are not going to bust down the doors of your bible believing / preaching church...we're going to have to bust out of the church house in order to go after them!

  1. Do I need to be a preacher to go? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact the Great Commission was given to the entire body of believers! Pastors, evangelists, preacher and teachers were actually given unto the church (Eph 4:11).

  2. Do I need to have a lot of scripture memorized to go? NO, but knowing the bible is ALWAYS a great idea! You never know when someone might ask you a question or put a scripture to you trying to stump you on the meaning...that never looks good. The fact is, you are delivering a message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, period. If you've experienced that then you are qualified to tell others, right?

  3. Should I put my foot in the door when they open it and preach at them? NOT unless you're wearing steel-toed boots, cause they're about to slam your foot with that door! The truth is that in our modern culture, people are AFRAID of other people coming to their houses! Either they'll assume you are part of a cult (don't dress in the white shirt and tie) or they'll think you're up to NO GOOD! When I go door to door, carrying materials from the church, people usually brighten up when they realize, I'm just the Pastor from the Baptist church down the road coming to invite them...actually they look perplexed, because people aren't used to seeing bible believers out inviting them at all...sad, sad, sad but true.

  4. You don't need to really do anything but show them that you cared enough about their soul to make the effort of walking down the road to their house in order to invite them out to your church services. A friendly caring impression is worth much more than bible thumping on their porch. Leave that to the preacher when they come visit your church...they'll expect preaching then and most likely be more open to listening. At the door they want to be rid of you before you turn out to be a maniac trying to kill them...and the newspapers tell us that happens, so don't feel bad about their response. People are cautious for their lives and with good reason. Just show yourself, HARMLESS, CARING AND COURTEOUS. People's minds are filled images of RELIGIOUS FANATICS doing crazy things while they shout scripture at their victims...don't feed those thoughts...surprise them by a compassionate invitation, placing well prepared materials (cd message, tract, church info) into their hands and telling them to have a nice day. If they want to talk more then talk, but don't impose upon them, they sure won't come visit your church for more of that!

  5. IF THEY AREN'T AT HOME (or happen to be hiding in the closet until you leave :-) then leave your materials at the door and go. Always try to knock on the door if possible (barring rottweilers or trespassing signs). A FRIENDLY FACE and INVITE BEATS a discarded paper track left on their door any day!!

Christ gave us the commission to go forth and preach the gospel unto every creature...we've got a job to do, if we'll just bust out of our comfort zones and do it! Hey the cults are doing it, so we could do it...and we've actually got the true way of salvation to share! Isn't that worth doing. Wouldn't you like to stand at the judgment seat of Christ one day and hear, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant?" I know I would, and that is up to us.

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