Monday, September 28, 2009


Have you ever wondered if the story you read in your local newspaper was actually true? Probably not, but why? If you're like me then you just assume that credible witnesses have been the ones to report the stories taken by reporters. When the Titanic sunk people read about it in the newspaper and believed it even though it was something they couldn't witness themselves. The same with headlines like "The War is Over!" and other vital news we find in print.

But have you ever considered that this is exactly what God has given mankind in the Bible?

Consider then that God's Bible is given through EYEWITNESS accounts all the way through. And how credible are these witnesses? Well consider that these "holy men of old" believed that lying was a very heinous sin that would bring judgment down upon them. And consider that these same Prophets and Apostles were men who believed what they saw and heard to be the absolute truth to such a degree that they were willing to give their very lives rather than deny it!

How many news stories do you think have that kind of credibility behind them? I doubt very many would be willing to lay down their lives for what they've been witness to! And yet people think the Bible is simply a book of fiction and fairy tales, when nothing could be further from the truth.

God gave us His word so that we could understand our lost condition as sinners and also reveal His will for mankind. He desires sinners to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ. He wants to rescue mankind from our fallen and separated condition so that we may escape the wrath of God which is coming upon the world in the future.

If you didn't think a news story was credible, you might do some investigation in order to verify the account. You can do the same with the Bible!! God has foretold many things that would come to pass and history verifies His predictions every single time!! If you want to know if what He said will happen in our future is true, then simply look at all he's predicted with 100% accuracy in the past! The same Bible that says Jesus is coming again, foretold his first coming, in order to die for our sins as a sacrifice, hundreds of years before the actual events occurred. God declares the End from the Beginning! Our faith in Jesus is not blind faith, but verifiable eyewitness accounts! I believe on Christ because of the news report faithful, honest men have given in the past to these events....they saw him die and they saw him rise again from the dead and they were willing to die for the truth they witnessed because He is the only way of salvation!!

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